YU CRS CENTER was a company founded in 2006 and was the first professional CRS (Crystal Red Shrimp) breeding and research center ever established in Taiwan. We aim to provide our clients with high quality and high stability aquarium facilities and products.

To breed the perfect CRS, YU CRS CENTER has invested much in cross-breeding and line breeding to produce best quality CRS with bright colors, thick shell, and red legs. With the aid of modern science and technology, we are able to breed, pack and ship with our own hands. We insist not only on high quality, but on high efficiency as well. We provide various kinds of aquarium pets, decorative appliances, and a wide range of related equipment.

Our team in YU is and always will be persistent in pursuing the goal of producing quality product, professionalism, perfect product management and the spirit of it-is-all-about-service in order to provide the most profound service.For our company, Y is a sign of challenge, of the world and of the future, signifying creativeness and perfection. U resembles the curve of the aquarium, indicating our core spirit and determination in becoming the best, and the most professional aquarium company in the world.